Shale Shaker Screens play an important role in the drilling process. Enerquip is a global trade company which can supply you with the top quality products.

Drilling procedures require the removal of solid material from the drilling liquid. This is where the shale shaker screen comes in. Shale Shaker Screens are a significant part of the solid control system, which controls the removal of the solid material from the drilling fluid.

It is highly recommended that you use the solid control system when it comes to drilling, as it not only increases the drilling penetration but also reduces your mud cost and disposal cost. As a result your drilling cost is also reduced due to the increased solid removal.

Shale Shakers Screens are being used in the drilling procedures since a very long time now.  The whole procedure is quite simple. The drilling fluid or the liquid mud (with solids) is passed through the shaker screen in the shale shaker. The fluid or the liquid part of the mud passes through the screen leaving behind the solid substances which are then not needed and hence are thrown away.

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