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We started our operations in March 1998 as Petroflo Trading Company & Global Links International with a goal of providing high quality equipment & services to the Energy sector. We were determined then, as we are today, to provide our customers with a level of service much needed and deserved in the Industry. Service is the corner stone of our organization. We work on the principles of merit and integrity and Nature is returning the favor as we are climbing the hill of success slowly but surely. Ours is an established name in Pakistan’s industry, operating from the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, where most of the Industry is located. We have over the years developed strong relations both in the local and the international market and have supply and partnership agreements with several major Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors. We boast on our expertise to handle all aspects of International and Local trade such as, material sourcing, contract negotiation, purchasing, imports, forwarding, air & sea transportation, custom clearance, inland delivery and after sales services. We are experienced enough to determine which is the right mode of purchase for a specific equipment and can deliver material on all INCOTERMS published by the International Chamber of Commerce.


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Our Aim Is To Be The Market Leader In The Energy Sector Of Pakistan, Providing Equipment And Services Of The Highest Quality At A Competitive Price With Emphasis On Customer Satisfaction.