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Solar water heater (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations is available at varying costs to provide solutions in different climates and latitudes. SWHs are widely used for residential and industrial applications. A sun-facing collector heats a working fluid that passes into a storage system for later use. The warming impact of radiation is clear and it’s standard that a container of cold water, left exposed to the sun are raised in temperature, Enerquip’s solar water heater uses the latest technologies to efficiently absorb the heat of the sun and transfer it to heat water. The Insulated Solar water heater tank will store hot water over night. Solar water heater are popular worldwide and are being used on mass scale in countries such as China and Turkey best alternative energy solution at Enerquip.

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Our water heaters system installation


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For the installation of the water heater system CLASSIC you need a suitable location without shadow (e.g. no trees of buildings) throughout the year.

Where to install

The optimum function will be obtained, if the system is installed pointing South in the Northern Hemisphere, as far as possible, and pointing North in the Southern Hemisphere, as far as possible.

Installation on your house

Put up the mounting system and the collector, connect with the tank.

Enjoy your free hot water

Mix the antifreeze concentrate with water before filling. Fill the solar circuit with the mixture and enjoy free hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need around five square meters of roof space which faces East to West through South and receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day. It doesn’t have to be mounted on a roof, however. They can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hang from a wall.
If a dedicated cylinder is not already installed then you will usually need to replace the existing cylinder.
Most conventional boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible. If your boiler is a combination boiler (combi) and you don’t currently have a hot water tank.