Decanter Centrifuges :

Our decanter centrifuge range offers an effective solution for wastewater treatment. For decanter centrifuges Enerquip is the right place for you to come to.

Decanter Centrifuge is used to separate the solid substances from the liquid. Decanter Centrifuge is very effectual when it comes to liquid clarifying and solid dewatering. In many industrial procedures solid substances end up mixing with liquids hence polluting the water supplies.  This is where the decanter centrifuge comes in. It separates the solids from the liquid and hence without a centrifuge many of these industries won’t be able to operate.

Decanter Centrifuge System is perfect for wastewater treatment. One of the biggest advantages of the decanter centrifuge system is that it can be easily installed. Moreover you don’t need to build any foundation in order to install it. This system is very significant for industries that need to treat the wastewater. It saves your time as well as your money.

So if you are looking for a decanter centrifuge then Enerquip is the right place for you. Enerquip is a big name in the industry and hence can be trusted. When buying such systems, one has to be very careful. With so many suppliers in the market, no one really knows who to trust. Enerquip Decanter Centrifuge Systems are quite effective and have a low maintenance cost when it comes to liquid clarifying.  We have an experience of 17 years and we make sure that our customers are hundred percent satisfied before they make the purchase.