Advantages of Carbon steel line Pipe

Safe in working:


Most of the construction material required glues, insect killers or preservatives while working but carbon steel line pipes does not require these things. Carbon steel line pipe is ignitable and invincible to pests and decomposing.

Rust resistant:

Carbon steel line pipes are rust resistant and work well in damp environment.

Shock Resistant:

Carbon steel line pipes function good than other stuffs in the atmosphere where a lot of vibration is occurring.

Good for atmosphere:


Carbon steel line pipes are good for the atmospheric pollution, and keep the environment very much ecological for family.

Good in price:

Carbon steel line pipes have huge tensile power that means they can hold the same quantity of force as other material pipes as carbon steel line pipes are thinner in structure. They provides carbon steel line pipes a huge holding aptitude and available in cheap prices.

Some of the Types of Stainless steel line Pipes:

Stainless steel line pipes have a large variety we will discuss some here:

Stainless steel line Pipe Tubing for rust resistance:

This is the main class of stainless steel line pipe very correct for those areas where the atmosphere is too much damp and humid because these are resistant to rust due to the quality of chromium which is inside stainless steel line pipe.

Stainless steel line pipe force pipe:

This sort of stainless steel line pipe is prepared from either nickel and chromium or solid chromium mixture. Sorts of stainless steel line pipe force pipe contain welded and seamless pipe, high force applications electric fusion welded pipe or many more pipes are included in this list.

Stainless steel line Pipe in sanitary tubing:

Stainless steel lines pipes are using in the sanitary and stainless steel line pipes are best for high priority sanitation.

Carbon Steel Fittings:

Features of Carbon Steel Fittings:

There are some features of Carbon Steel fittings that are given below:

Wonderful force:

Since of its sustainability and power, Carbon steel fittings has been one of the major frequently used substances for industrial piping and other sort of structure. Though, with adding up carbon to the already well-built metal, it has the aptitude to change into a most well-built artifact. This has prepared carbon steel fittings, valves and pipes few of the main industrial durable piping.

Supremacy Morph:

If some of the quantity of the carbon mixed with steel, it is simpler to attain correct level of sustainability required for different projects.



Stamina is a best word to explain carbon steel fittings since they have stamina to stay safe while the atmospheric changes occurs. Carbon steel fittings are used in the home fittings, since they can hold oil, water, flammable gasses and even steam.

Features of Stainless Steel Fittings:

There are some features of stainless steel fittings just have a look on them too:

Stainless steel fittings are rust resistant as compare to any other material so they have ability to work even better in the damp and moisturized environment.

Stainless steel fittings are mostly used in the chemical industries because they can easily work with harsh chemicals and never get damage easily.

Stainless steel fittings have ability to work in high temperature too. They never get damage in very high temperatures like up to 315 degree Celsius.

These stainless steel fittings are available at Enerquip. Stainless steel fittings are used in most of the industries and very much reliable, sustainable and durable for those industries. Stainless steel fittings are low in cost and fit in the budget of every customer.

Carbon Steel Flanges:

Carbon steel flanges fulfill the requirement when harshness is king and sanitation goes back of the seat. In your houses, you can observe that you are using carbon steel in the gas supply pipe line. A shipping vessel in abroad, fuel lines will probably be at the first place you observe carbon steel flanges. Carbon steel flanges substances have an ability to hold heat and vibration very easily. During fixation, some ending may be required on the face of the flange to make sure that tight connection is made or not. Carbon flanges are easy to fix and stay for the long period of time. Carbon steel flange has ability to work with damp environment and to hold all the changes. Enerquip has finest variety of carbon steel flanges in very good cost for the customers of USA, Gulf countries and for the customers of Middle East.

Stainless steel flanges:

Stainless steel flanges are famous for their aptitude to resist rust, it make ease in sanitation, on the other hand stainless steel flanges are durable. Stainless steel flanges are best for the purification of the drinking water application and remains clean during its working life. Moreover, the pure, polished ends on the face of the flange should be close for the better results. Though, these advantages come from high price rates. When you are using stainless steel flanges, make sure that the hardware which is employ to link the parts to have a long working life. They ought to be change or replaced on the specific time, even though they are in good condition or working just perfect. These are also available at the Enerquip as they have perfect pieces of stainless steel flanges and have a vast variety of the stainless steel items. They are expert in making the product of stainless steel specifically stainless steel flanges.

Decanter Centrifuges:

Decanter Centrifuges is a central portioning Machine. It uses force of centrifugal to portion the element and fluid from deferral, or partitioning two diverse depth immiscible fluids from mixtures. Decanter Centrifuge is sort of machine of centrifugal. It is vastly employ in gas and oil drilling field, for water and waste treatment, in food business, in chemical industry and slush and oil separation.

  • Most advantageous situation of full dry solids that can be attained.
  • Best used in the dewatering even if the feed conditions are fluctuating.
  • Changeable regulating difference in speed that can make it probable to do the procurement of a very vast variety of mud drilling applications.
  • Decanter Centrifuge is safety shield in the condition of blockage and overload.
  • Decanter Centrifuge has decisive speed in the field of separations.


Shale Shaker Screens:

Shale Shaker screen are basically solid controlling equipments. This fulfills many of the needs of the system treating needs that ensures the tailored designs. Many of the business and other sort of drilling situations need a changeable mud system confirmation and tailored designs of the particular items. Like Shale shaker screen when used in well of oil drilling mud method and HDD Mud that is recycling system both are very much different with each other.  All the drilling method need shale shaker screen somewhere or at some certain stage. Enerquip is also selling shale shaker screen a solution to your drilling problem. Shale shaker screens have two parts from the exterior which are PMD and PWP and these are pre-stressed and also contain a steel frame. Shale shaker screens have a lot of models that are available in the market like Enerquip also have vast variety of shale shaker screens.

Mud Pump parts:

The main Mud pump parts are Liner, valve assembly, mud pump fluid end, mud pump fluid end assembly, piston and piston rod. These all parts are used in the mud pump for drilling at the rigs to separate the mud from the oil and purify the oil from mud. Most of the mud pump contains two main parts that are the fluid end and the mud end. Mud pump parts are available in the large variety of size according to the need that you require. These are frequently available in the developed countries around the world and also getting famous in the under developing countries. These are used to lessen the strict vibration due to the pumping method. These are also available in the triplex and work very fast in the pumping rig of oil. Enerquip USA is also selling Mud Pump parts and getting famous among the customers because of their material.

Filter Elements:

Filter elements are used for filtering water they have ability to pure water from dirt and all the impurities and provide healthy water to your family. Filter elements are low in cost this is the biggest benefit of filter elements that you can now easily filter water in a very low price. Filter elements should be change after a specific work period as they are expired after that and can’t work that good. Filter elements are convenient in use and have efficient working. Filter elements are available in a vast variety and quality too. Filter Elements have some of the advantages like:

  • Smaller schemes with small price tag, little fitting prices and condensed in service costs.
  • Provided that lofty fluid pours rate ability, easiness of fitment, little in use costs and enlarged price competence.
  • Dependable, steady and provable purification act.



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  1. Enerquip is the leading company of the USA making high quality products of stainless steel and carbon steel at very good costs and also experts in making filtration elements and mud pump parts.

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