A Brief Look into Filter Elements


Nowadays, modern top-quality oil filter elements prolong the overall engine’s life by retaining a small quantity of oil every time the engine starts. This procedure is only made possible by a special type of filter elements called anti-drain back valve. When the engine is at idle position, the moving parts of the engine at the top side are left without any lubrication as the oil of the engines generally drains into the bottom part of the engine. But, after a few seconds the engine started, the very small quantity of oil in the filter quickly restores the lubrication of the top most parts of the engine, this very phenomenon prolongs all the parts of the engine parts by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.


Certain types of abrasive contaminants get clogged in engine oil, that instead of cleaning the oil, circulates dirty oil again and again around the particular engine. Such clogged filter elements will also create hurdles in the flow-rate of oil, thus preventing adequate lubrication form reaching the all parts of the engine. So, the oil filter is among the most important type of filter elements that needs regular maintenance and replace, if necessary. Contrary to the contrary wisdom, not every utility engine needs to have an oil change after every 3200 hours. Different type of engines has different capacity, so you should consult the manufacturer for the correct duration of filter changing.

Types of Filter Elements:

Filter Elements have different types. Not every type built for every engine. You should pick the right type of filter element that best suit your engine needs and requirements. The very first type of filter is Spin-on filter. It resembles a metal with certain filter media that varies from synthetic to cellulose material. As oil flows through it, it catches contaminants and is covenant to change at regular intervals.

The other type of filter elements is magnetic filter, which electromagnet process or permanent magnet to capture metallic parts that runs in the oil. The cleaning of this type of filter elements can be done by picking the metal elements from the surface of the magnet.



The third type of filter elements used centrifugal filters, these types of centrifugal filters are powered by a compressed air system, these types of filters use centrifugal force to separate contaminants from the running oil. Then, these centrifugal filter deposits these picked contaminants to a container, which must be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the circulation of unfiltered oil.


There are number of contaminants that can occur in the oil circulates in the engine, that specifically can be occur from outside factors as well as oil breakdown. One of the most common type of oil contaminants is certain is certain metallic parts which usually do not originate in the flowing process of oil, but rather comes from some outside factors or comes from different moving parts of the engine. In the majority of cases, this is caused by regular wear and tear of moving engine parts.

Another factor that significantly affects the overall quality oil is moisture. Other outside contamination factors include dust and dirt that comes from the surrounding areas of the workplace.

Filter elements can serve additional purposes along with protecting the engines and machines from the contaminated oil. The overall cost of oil changing can be very costly over the course of several months. By using quality filter elements, the same running oil can be used and cleaned multiple times, which can decrease the overall maintenance cost of the engine. Along with protecting the engine’s life, such filter elements can be energy efficient, which can ultimately reduce electricity costs.


There are multiple ways to implement standard oil filter elements, however the bypass system has proven to be more effective for the same purpose. It can fulfil all the desired tasks while also eliminating the lost production that saves engines and machines shutdown time in order to change the contaminated oil.

There are different types online companies and shops that deal with filter elements. But, you have to make one thing really sure that the company you are hiring its services is really a quality company. Because, large engines cost a lot and you shouldn’t go for cheap companies that offers the inferior type of filter elements, because such low-grade of elements can damage your engine too. Ener Quip is a quality company that deals with top-class filtering elements and their spare parts. You just have to contact the company’s customer care department and they will take care of your all filtering needs and requirements.

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