Properties of Carbon Steel

Nowadays, all types steel manufactured worldwide contains the quantity of carbon steel, but, carbon steel fittings contain the carbon steel in more quantities. Best quality of carbon steel fittings also includes iron and manganese. Carbon steel is considered as one of the most widely used steel used in a number of industries across the globe. This type of steel can also be termed as wrought steel which can be mold to any size and shape. Because, of its exceptional malleable properties, this metal is considered as an ideal and can be made into a wide-range of desired shapes. For getting the desired shape and size, this carbon steel is poured into blocks in a thick liquid form and then rolled on the blocks to get the desired shape and size.



carbon steel fittings can be categorized into four different types base on their physical properties as mild or low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high-content or high carbon steel and ultra-high carbon steel content. Here, we would discuss each type of carbon steel briefly:

Low or Mild Carbon Steel:

The low carbon steel is very easy to manufacture among the other carbon steel contents. This type of carbon steel has a low quality of carbon. It is the cheaper carbon steel among other alloys and is widely used for various construction purposes. As, it has low carbon content, so, it possesses overall low strength and durability.

Medium Content Carbon Steel:

This particular type of carbon steel fittings has the medium quantity of carbon content and because of medium carbon content, it is widely used widely used in the manufacture of certain automotive parts and used in the manufacturing of large metallic structures. Because, this particular type of metal has medium carbon content, so it has more strength and durability to than low or mild steel carbon. In addition to this, medium carbon steel is also resistant to wear and tear.


High-Content or High Carbon Steel:

As, the name suggests, this particular type of carbon steel has the high quantity of carbon among other alloys. High-content carbon steel is widely used for manufacturing of high strength wires and springs. Because, it contains the highest quantity of carbon steel, it is the strongest strength and durability among other alloys of carbon steel.

Ultra-High Carbon Steel Content:

As, the name indicates, this type of carbon steel has the highest quantity of carbon steel among other alloys. This particular type of carbon steel is widely used in the manufacture of sharp cutting tools as knives. As, it contains the highest quantity of carbon steel, so it has the highest strength among other alloys and it is also very brittle among other alloys.

All these types of carbon steel are used for various industrial machines and tools. Because it possesses properties of high tensile and strength, it is also commonly used in multipurpose nails, drilling bits and various types of metal and wood cutting tools.

Apart from its main constituent, the carbon, carbon steel also contains other proportion of elements as tungsten, chromium and manganese that used as hardening agents. The overall properties of the carbon steel are mainly depending on the proportion of these elements.


Stainless steel contains the highest content of this alloy and exhibits exceptional rustproof properties and strength. Although, apart of having these very features, this particular type of steel has some limitations too as well. This type of steel is known to be very brittle so, it is seldom used in construction applications as houses, building or high-strength bridges. Those types of steel can be used for various purposes that has a low quantity of carbon content, as it is less strong and brittle.

This type of steel is widely used in multipurpose steel pipes as it exhibits exceptional properties to remain intact. Apart from having the strength, this type of metal has also properties as anti-corrosive, durable and resistant to wear and tear. As it is a perfect anti-corrosive, so it is widely used for various under water applications.

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