A Brief Look into Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon steel is a metal that is based on iron. It is not only composed of iron only, but other types of elements and manganese. Carbon steel flanges are used in various pipe applications as pipe fittings and other pressure containing parts.

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This type of metal is basically having four main grades. These grading have been done on the several factors as hardness, impact strength and wear resistance. Those types of Carbon steel flanges are preferred that are composed of a low amount of this substance because they are less brittle and offers more duct-ability. Medium grade carbon steel is composed of higher percentage of both manganese and carbon and this type of carbon steel is mainly used for forged products that tends to high wear and tear. In the last, the high and highest grade carbon steel contains the maximum highest quantity of both carbon and manganese and this high grade carbon steel offers maximum hardness and resilient. But, these types of carbon steel are also very brittle too, so, they require a special type of processing during heating.

Carbon steel flanges are used in a variety of high wear and high stress applications. This is because, this type of material has a high level of strength and impact resistance. The most common usage of this carbon steel flanges including, gear blanks, oil rig parts, bushings, various mining components, wide-range of machinery components, railroad parts and for several shafting. This type of carbon steel is also commonly used in certain automotive components such as transmission covers, pans, bodies and several types of fenders.

Carbon steel flanges can also be used in other applications in addition to that have been mentioned earlier, that’s why they are quite popular in various manufacturing industries today, as gas industry, oil industry, etc. They are also used in the manufacturing industries as machine tools and die.

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Carbon steel flanges has been widely used in connections between various applications of the pipeline connectivity. One of the main advantage of these types of flanges is that they offer more convenience for disassembly, assembly and interchangeability. The basic purpose of these carbon steel flanges is connecting of pipes, while it can also be used for closing the pipe too.

There are a lot of available manufacturing standard types of flanges as ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47, etc. The vacuum flange is also popular in many manufacturing industries. This type of vacuum flange is basically placed at the end of a tube to connect various types of tubing, vacuum chambers and vacuum pumps.

The steel presents in the alloy is considered to be completely made up of carbon when other elements don’t exceed their percentage. However, the maximum percentage that should be present in the alloy to form quality carbon is around 0.6% silicon and copper, 1.65% of manganese and 0.4% of copper respectively. However, the steel also contains other elements as vanadium or nickel and chromium, is commonly known as alloy steel.

In order to get high strength and to solidify the overall structure, manufacturers add carbon to iron. Carbon steel is the most affordable alloying material that can be easily available in the market.

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Fittings of carbon steel flanges are like butt welding. These fitting must be made up of steel or alloy steel. These types of carbon steel flanges are available in various sizes from 1/8” to 72” DIA. There are other fittings as threaded elbows, both at 90⁰ and 45⁰. The total diameter of such flanges mainly depends on the type of application it is supposed used for. These types of particular fittings are easily available in a variety of carbon steel alloys. There are many companies that are offering quality carbon steel flanges, one of the most professional company engaging in providing such quality product and services is Ener Quip.

If you are related to any manufacturing industry, which used such types of flanges, then you shouldn’t try to buy or manufacture carbon steel alloy on your own. Because, this is a very technical process and a minute proportion of elements can impact the overall characteristics of such carbon steel flanges. Carbon steel is made up of other elements, and only the professional companies know the exact percentage of alloys used in carbon steel. There are other treatments on the alloy steel as well if you don’t have any idea about this whole technical process, then you should consult with a professional company that deals in carbon steel flanges as Ener Quip to meet all your manufacturing needs in least possible time.

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