Properties of Carbon Steel

What makes carbon steel fittings as one of the most widely used metals and what makes it perfect for the manufacturing of products for commercial scale? This type of particular material considered as ideal for wide range of applications, primarily because it can customize to fit individual needs. One can easily modify its mechanical and physical characteristics to meet the needs and requirements of the end-user by just adjusting its carbon content.

Carbon steel is used in a number of applications that is why they are quite-popular. The oil and gas industry used them a lot, as does the automotive industry.


Carbon steel fittings can be categorized according to the content of carbon. It can be classified as either ultra-high, high, medium, low and mild carbon steel.

  • Ultra-High Carbon Steel Fittings:

This type of carbon steel fittings has a high ratio of carbon about 1 – 2%, this particular type of carbon steel fittings can be tempered to achieve maximum superior hardness. This type of high-percentage is widely used in the manufacturing of knives.

  • High-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:

This particular type of carbon steel fittings has a high percentage of carbon up to 0.6 – 0.99%. This type of carbon steel fittings exhibits excellent strength and widely-considered as an ideal in the manufacturing of high-strength wires, springs, drill bits, masonry nails, various and metal cutting tools and various types of press machinery. However, this type of carbon steel has some disadvantage too, as it is very brittle as compared to other varieties and may even lead to damage or break when mishandled.



  • Medium-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:


Medium-percentage carbon steel fittings contain a medium percentage of carbon up to 0.3 – 0.59% and this particular type of carbon steel is quite durable, strong and ductile. If needed, the surface hardness of this type of carbon steel fittings, can be enhanced through a heating process called carburizing. In this type of heat treatment, the carbon content on the surface of the metal can be increased to further hardens the steel. Medium-grade is made up of higher-levels of both manganese and carbon and is often used for products that rends to high wear and tear. This type of carbon steel is mostly used in fabrication for industrial and commercial scale.


  • Low-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:


Low-percentage of carbon steel fittings contains a low percentage of carbon content up to 0.05 – 0.15%. This particular type of carbon steel is more affordable than all carbon steel series. Like other types in this category, low-percentage carbon steel contains sulfur, manganese and phosphorus. This type of carbon steel also contains small quantities of ferrite (an iron alloy) and perlite (a naturally occurring non-crystalline solid volcanic glass). It’s ductile and soft and ductile nature contributes to its excellent weld-ability and formability factor. Several types of carbon steel fittings are composed of a low amount of carbon are the best choice for this because they are less brittle and offers more duct-ability. This type of low-percentage commonly used in the manufacture of several types of home appliances, car body parts and a number of tin plates.

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Heat treatment is basically the method of warming up steel to a desired set temperature and then allowing it to cool down. Heat treatment of carbon steel can be usually deemed to be adding heat to change the attributes of the steel. The temperature required for the treatment of such carbon steel usually differs from extremely cold to extremely hot, that solely depends on the desired outcome.


The principle-allowing component of and percentage of carbon-steel is carbon, which may affect the overall steel hardness and its functional properties afterwards. Standard type of stainless steel usually differs from carbon steel because of an addition of chromium in its structure, thus making it to be reasonably surface corrosion resistance, that is often caused by the exposure to moisture or air.


In recent days, there are a lot of online companies and shops that offer high-quality carbon-steel fittings. Ener Quip also deals in top-quality carbon steel fittings. If you want to purchase carbon steel for your various residential and commercial purposes, then you should first consult with a professional company like Ener Quip, before finalizing or purchasing carbon steel fittings. Because, not every grade of carbon is suitable for all purposes. There are about four-different grades of carbon steel.

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