Best Quality Pump Parts

The shellfish pump is a basic gadget and can be made effortlessly in your carport at home with next to no cost. Everything you need is a 30 inch bit of 3″ pvc channel with a level, paste on, top for one end of it for the body of the pump. At that point you require a thirty creep long by ¼ inch pole that is strung for around three inches on every end that will hold an idea about one end and round level elastic washers, for example, packed tennis balls or bits of elastic tire, on the flip side that are to some degree tight against within the pvc channel to go about as “plungers” to suck the water up with when you pull back on the pole handle at the highest point of the pump.


The body of the mud pump parts (the 3″ pvc) has a gap as an afterthought around one inch beneath the top to permit air and caught water to fumes when you pull up on the pump handle. The top itself has a little gap in the focal point of it on the highest point of the pump so the sucker bar can be embedded through it. On the highest point of the mud pump parts will be a bit of ¾ inch metal funnel opposite to the bar as the pump handle. This will be around 6 creeps in length with openings halfway through both sides of the channel to permit the sucker pole to go through to permit it to be connected. String a nut on the sucker pole strings alongside a washer to where the strings end. Put the bar through the handle piece and string another washer, lock washer and nut on to press the handle in the middle of them and the primary nut and washer and fix with the goal that it is secure. L little “Bolt tight” would be useful here and after that remove the overabundance strung bar for security.

The elastic washers are appended similarly on the flip side of the sucker bar, yet ensure that you connect them before you embed them and the pole in the pump body as they will be up inside the funnel when the handle is joined in the wake of going through the gap in the top.


In conclusion, you require an approach to clutch the mud pump parts when you are pumping as grasping the three-inch funnel can be to some degree ungainly. A simple fix for this is to connect a bit of ¾ crawl level bar over the focal point of the top with the goal that it hangs out a couple inches on every side of the pump. You will penetrate a gap in this simply the same as you did the highest point of the top as they will “line up” on top of one another and the sucker bar will go through them both. This level pole will be joined solidly to the top before it is stuck on with little nuts, washers, and fasteners which will require gaps being penetrated in the level bar to fit these. This likewise has the additional advantage of shielding the plastic top from being exhausted rapidly from the bar going forward and backward amid the pumping.

Another great fix for the handle issue is to bore a little opening in the group of pump 6 to 10 inches from the highest point of the top and embed a 5 creep jolt from within with a washer. Find or make either a metal or wooden handle so the screw can experience the focal point of it and put a washer and nut on the outside of that handle to hold it set up.


This is on account of the mollusk mud pump parts utilizes water to blow its way down to the shellfish, not to suck the mud out, so you need a couple inches of water over the mud level where you are clamming. Stroll along and when you think you see the shellfish’s mouth staying up, which is generally only a little peculiarity in the sand or perhaps the two “nostrils” appearing, push you finger in the opening. In the event that it is a shellfish, you will feel a to some degree disgusting animal instantly pull back down into the gap far from your finger. Put the pump base over the gap and suck up the water and rapidly blow it out into the sand and mud.

Sump mud pump parts are an important part of any home that has a crawlspace or cellar. The higher the water table is in your general vicinity, the more imperative that sump pump is. The sump pump bowl is an indispensable part of the whole pump framework. Without it, your pump can rapidly stop up with mud and come up short. At the point when introduced legitimately, the sump pump bowl will keep your pump working, and your subterranean crawlspace or storm cellar dry and ensured.

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Properties of Carbon Steel Pipes

Not at all like metals, carbon steel line pipes and tubes are not effortlessly consumed notwithstanding when presented to water consistently, which make them appropriate for under-ocean channel laying works and in oil rigs among others. These are durable and flame resistant, which thusly helps the building proprietors to spare a ton of cash by method for protection premium. The best part is that these are recyclable and can be utilized many times over as a part of different shapes and structures.


There are numerous steel fabricating units and suppliers that give even redid steel tubes to oblige the extraordinary needs of the clients. Stainless Steel tubes are created for some reasons. From drinking water channel lines to boards and hand rails and hoardings, steel funnels are utilized as a part of different applications in our everyday life. It is likewise utilized as a part of platform works and to guarantee soundness to structures. The high adaptability of carbon steel line pipes in auxiliary applications has made steel pipes and tubes a mainstream thing all over the place.

Notwithstanding the numerous basic applications, funnel is utilized for seepage and consumable water lines and in oil and gas industry among others. Steel tubes are accessible in a scope of thicknesses and gages and the quality of channels are measured utilizing Mill Test reports before this items are put to use in the different applications.

Carbon steel line pipes are surely understood for their strength and erosion resistance and are utilized as a part of different businesses. Accessible in different sizes and details, these channels are offered in different evaluations and particulars.

Web offers data on different steel fabricating organizations and their items and is a perfect medium to scan for new items, item lists and creative plans right from your home. There is surely a scope of alternatives to look over at profoundly aggressive rates of carbon steel line pipes.


With a few steel funnel makers recorded on well-known B2B indexes on the Internet, finding the right supplier has gotten to be as simple as at no other time. Search through the classifications to choose the producers that address your issues and spending plan. B2B commercial centers are incredible spots to assemble data about the most recent items in steel pipes and tubes and data about fairs and displays furthermore to meet with different suppliers in the field.

Carbon steel line pipes are one of the most grounded funnels that exist today. These channels are omnipresent and are basically found in every mechanical part.

They are fundamentally metal combinations that are made subsequently out of carbon and iron. They are channels that are thrown in such a way, to the point that don’t leave any creases to debilitate the funnels. Such a sort is alluded to as consistent steel funnel. Consistent channels are produced utilizing an expulsion mold. This is on the grounds that, since the consistent channel has a nonstop expulsion of the composite, there is an additional point of interest of roundness in its outline.


The steel present in the combination of carbon steel line pipes is thought to be finished carbon just when the extents of other apparent components present in it don’t surpass a specific rate. In any case, the greatest rates that ought to be regularly present in the combination to frame carbon should be 1.65 percent of manganese, 0.6 percent for copper and silicon, and 0.4 percent of copper, individually. Regardless, the steel that additionally contains some predetermined amounts of follow and higher components like chromium, nickel or vanadium is known as combination steel.


During the time spent assembling steel channels, producers add carbon to press keeping in mind the end goal to harden the general structures and effectively fortify the subsequent metal.

Carbon steel line pipes is the most practical alloying material found in the business sector. They are likewise arranged into four classes in particular low-carbon, medium-carbon, high-carbon and ultra-high carbon. Besides, discussing its measurements, well, a channel which has a distinguishing number or specific size will have the same measurements.

Fittings like butt weld or spines ought to be fitted wherever important. In any case, these fittings entirely should be comprised of steel. These channels are accessible in different sizes from 1/8-inch to 72-inch external width. There are other carbon fittings, for example, strung elbows, both at 45 and 90 degrees. The thickness absolutely relies on upon the application it should be utilized for.

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Advantages of Carbon steel line Pipe

Safe in working:


Most of the construction material required glues, insect killers or preservatives while working but carbon steel line pipes does not require these things. Carbon steel line pipe is ignitable and invincible to pests and decomposing.

Rust resistant:

Carbon steel line pipes are rust resistant and work well in damp environment.

Shock Resistant:

Carbon steel line pipes function good than other stuffs in the atmosphere where a lot of vibration is occurring.

Good for atmosphere:


Carbon steel line pipes are good for the atmospheric pollution, and keep the environment very much ecological for family.

Good in price:

Carbon steel line pipes have huge tensile power that means they can hold the same quantity of force as other material pipes as carbon steel line pipes are thinner in structure. They provides carbon steel line pipes a huge holding aptitude and available in cheap prices.

Some of the Types of Stainless steel line Pipes:

Stainless steel line pipes have a large variety we will discuss some here:

Stainless steel line Pipe Tubing for rust resistance:

This is the main class of stainless steel line pipe very correct for those areas where the atmosphere is too much damp and humid because these are resistant to rust due to the quality of chromium which is inside stainless steel line pipe.

Stainless steel line pipe force pipe:

This sort of stainless steel line pipe is prepared from either nickel and chromium or solid chromium mixture. Sorts of stainless steel line pipe force pipe contain welded and seamless pipe, high force applications electric fusion welded pipe or many more pipes are included in this list.

Stainless steel line Pipe in sanitary tubing:

Stainless steel lines pipes are using in the sanitary and stainless steel line pipes are best for high priority sanitation.

Carbon Steel Fittings:

Features of Carbon Steel Fittings:

There are some features of Carbon Steel fittings that are given below:

Wonderful force:

Since of its sustainability and power, Carbon steel fittings has been one of the major frequently used substances for industrial piping and other sort of structure. Though, with adding up carbon to the already well-built metal, it has the aptitude to change into a most well-built artifact. This has prepared carbon steel fittings, valves and pipes few of the main industrial durable piping.

Supremacy Morph:

If some of the quantity of the carbon mixed with steel, it is simpler to attain correct level of sustainability required for different projects.



Stamina is a best word to explain carbon steel fittings since they have stamina to stay safe while the atmospheric changes occurs. Carbon steel fittings are used in the home fittings, since they can hold oil, water, flammable gasses and even steam.

Features of Stainless Steel Fittings:

There are some features of stainless steel fittings just have a look on them too:

Stainless steel fittings are rust resistant as compare to any other material so they have ability to work even better in the damp and moisturized environment.

Stainless steel fittings are mostly used in the chemical industries because they can easily work with harsh chemicals and never get damage easily.

Stainless steel fittings have ability to work in high temperature too. They never get damage in very high temperatures like up to 315 degree Celsius.

These stainless steel fittings are available at Enerquip. Stainless steel fittings are used in most of the industries and very much reliable, sustainable and durable for those industries. Stainless steel fittings are low in cost and fit in the budget of every customer.

Carbon Steel Flanges:

Carbon steel flanges fulfill the requirement when harshness is king and sanitation goes back of the seat. In your houses, you can observe that you are using carbon steel in the gas supply pipe line. A shipping vessel in abroad, fuel lines will probably be at the first place you observe carbon steel flanges. Carbon steel flanges substances have an ability to hold heat and vibration very easily. During fixation, some ending may be required on the face of the flange to make sure that tight connection is made or not. Carbon flanges are easy to fix and stay for the long period of time. Carbon steel flange has ability to work with damp environment and to hold all the changes. Enerquip has finest variety of carbon steel flanges in very good cost for the customers of USA, Gulf countries and for the customers of Middle East.

Stainless steel flanges:

Stainless steel flanges are famous for their aptitude to resist rust, it make ease in sanitation, on the other hand stainless steel flanges are durable. Stainless steel flanges are best for the purification of the drinking water application and remains clean during its working life. Moreover, the pure, polished ends on the face of the flange should be close for the better results. Though, these advantages come from high price rates. When you are using stainless steel flanges, make sure that the hardware which is employ to link the parts to have a long working life. They ought to be change or replaced on the specific time, even though they are in good condition or working just perfect. These are also available at the Enerquip as they have perfect pieces of stainless steel flanges and have a vast variety of the stainless steel items. They are expert in making the product of stainless steel specifically stainless steel flanges.

Decanter Centrifuges:

Decanter Centrifuges is a central portioning Machine. It uses force of centrifugal to portion the element and fluid from deferral, or partitioning two diverse depth immiscible fluids from mixtures. Decanter Centrifuge is sort of machine of centrifugal. It is vastly employ in gas and oil drilling field, for water and waste treatment, in food business, in chemical industry and slush and oil separation.

  • Most advantageous situation of full dry solids that can be attained.
  • Best used in the dewatering even if the feed conditions are fluctuating.
  • Changeable regulating difference in speed that can make it probable to do the procurement of a very vast variety of mud drilling applications.
  • Decanter Centrifuge is safety shield in the condition of blockage and overload.
  • Decanter Centrifuge has decisive speed in the field of separations.


Shale Shaker Screens:

Shale Shaker screen are basically solid controlling equipments. This fulfills many of the needs of the system treating needs that ensures the tailored designs. Many of the business and other sort of drilling situations need a changeable mud system confirmation and tailored designs of the particular items. Like Shale shaker screen when used in well of oil drilling mud method and HDD Mud that is recycling system both are very much different with each other.  All the drilling method need shale shaker screen somewhere or at some certain stage. Enerquip is also selling shale shaker screen a solution to your drilling problem. Shale shaker screens have two parts from the exterior which are PMD and PWP and these are pre-stressed and also contain a steel frame. Shale shaker screens have a lot of models that are available in the market like Enerquip also have vast variety of shale shaker screens.

Mud Pump parts:

The main Mud pump parts are Liner, valve assembly, mud pump fluid end, mud pump fluid end assembly, piston and piston rod. These all parts are used in the mud pump for drilling at the rigs to separate the mud from the oil and purify the oil from mud. Most of the mud pump contains two main parts that are the fluid end and the mud end. Mud pump parts are available in the large variety of size according to the need that you require. These are frequently available in the developed countries around the world and also getting famous in the under developing countries. These are used to lessen the strict vibration due to the pumping method. These are also available in the triplex and work very fast in the pumping rig of oil. Enerquip USA is also selling Mud Pump parts and getting famous among the customers because of their material.

Filter Elements:

Filter elements are used for filtering water they have ability to pure water from dirt and all the impurities and provide healthy water to your family. Filter elements are low in cost this is the biggest benefit of filter elements that you can now easily filter water in a very low price. Filter elements should be change after a specific work period as they are expired after that and can’t work that good. Filter elements are convenient in use and have efficient working. Filter elements are available in a vast variety and quality too. Filter Elements have some of the advantages like:

  • Smaller schemes with small price tag, little fitting prices and condensed in service costs.
  • Provided that lofty fluid pours rate ability, easiness of fitment, little in use costs and enlarged price competence.
  • Dependable, steady and provable purification act.



A Brief Look into Filter Elements


Nowadays, modern top-quality oil filter elements prolong the overall engine’s life by retaining a small quantity of oil every time the engine starts. This procedure is only made possible by a special type of filter elements called anti-drain back valve. When the engine is at idle position, the moving parts of the engine at the top side are left without any lubrication as the oil of the engines generally drains into the bottom part of the engine. But, after a few seconds the engine started, the very small quantity of oil in the filter quickly restores the lubrication of the top most parts of the engine, this very phenomenon prolongs all the parts of the engine parts by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.


Certain types of abrasive contaminants get clogged in engine oil, that instead of cleaning the oil, circulates dirty oil again and again around the particular engine. Such clogged filter elements will also create hurdles in the flow-rate of oil, thus preventing adequate lubrication form reaching the all parts of the engine. So, the oil filter is among the most important type of filter elements that needs regular maintenance and replace, if necessary. Contrary to the contrary wisdom, not every utility engine needs to have an oil change after every 3200 hours. Different type of engines has different capacity, so you should consult the manufacturer for the correct duration of filter changing.

Types of Filter Elements:

Filter Elements have different types. Not every type built for every engine. You should pick the right type of filter element that best suit your engine needs and requirements. The very first type of filter is Spin-on filter. It resembles a metal with certain filter media that varies from synthetic to cellulose material. As oil flows through it, it catches contaminants and is covenant to change at regular intervals.

The other type of filter elements is magnetic filter, which electromagnet process or permanent magnet to capture metallic parts that runs in the oil. The cleaning of this type of filter elements can be done by picking the metal elements from the surface of the magnet.



The third type of filter elements used centrifugal filters, these types of centrifugal filters are powered by a compressed air system, these types of filters use centrifugal force to separate contaminants from the running oil. Then, these centrifugal filter deposits these picked contaminants to a container, which must be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the circulation of unfiltered oil.


There are number of contaminants that can occur in the oil circulates in the engine, that specifically can be occur from outside factors as well as oil breakdown. One of the most common type of oil contaminants is certain is certain metallic parts which usually do not originate in the flowing process of oil, but rather comes from some outside factors or comes from different moving parts of the engine. In the majority of cases, this is caused by regular wear and tear of moving engine parts.

Another factor that significantly affects the overall quality oil is moisture. Other outside contamination factors include dust and dirt that comes from the surrounding areas of the workplace.

Filter elements can serve additional purposes along with protecting the engines and machines from the contaminated oil. The overall cost of oil changing can be very costly over the course of several months. By using quality filter elements, the same running oil can be used and cleaned multiple times, which can decrease the overall maintenance cost of the engine. Along with protecting the engine’s life, such filter elements can be energy efficient, which can ultimately reduce electricity costs.


There are multiple ways to implement standard oil filter elements, however the bypass system has proven to be more effective for the same purpose. It can fulfil all the desired tasks while also eliminating the lost production that saves engines and machines shutdown time in order to change the contaminated oil.

There are different types online companies and shops that deal with filter elements. But, you have to make one thing really sure that the company you are hiring its services is really a quality company. Because, large engines cost a lot and you shouldn’t go for cheap companies that offers the inferior type of filter elements, because such low-grade of elements can damage your engine too. Ener Quip is a quality company that deals with top-class filtering elements and their spare parts. You just have to contact the company’s customer care department and they will take care of your all filtering needs and requirements.

Future of Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel line pipes have captured a great attention of its buyers for its state-of-the-art strength and functionalities. This stainless steel line pipe very well caters the need of commercial purposes where overall performance and productivity plays an important role. This stainless steel line pipe is available in a wide-range and serves the need for pipe, fittings, bar and tubes and tube valves, etc.  These stainless steel line pipes are used in a number of industries as waste water treatment, pulp and paper industry, dairy industry, catering equipment, construction units, etc. Being a resilient material, it is not subjected to any rust or harmful elements used in applications.


These stainless steel pipes are ideal for carrying cold and hot fluid under greater work load. Whether, you want to use such pipes for heavy-duty electrical cables, or fluid supply of any type, stainless steel line pipes is perfect for encasing that needs to be laid underground. Such pipes exclusively meet the needs of several industries because they can be available in different sizes and diameter. Its wide applicability in several applications makes them the most important choice of the buyers.

Stainless steel line pipes are vigorously tested and certified for its rough and tough texture that meets the various needs at user end. These pipes are great for indoor and outdoor purpose that have become the very basic need of everyone’s life. These pipes are also resistant to oxidation at high temperature and pressure. And corrosive steel pipes are not preferred by industrialist anymore, because of their limitations. Stainless steel line pipes can meet all your rough and tough standards and requirements and can reduce your overall maintenance cost considerably.

These pipes have become a prime choice for power plants, food production plants and oil refineries. The metal of such stainless steel line pipes has many desirable qualities, especially in food production plants, and is equally ideal for a wide range of plants and machineries. These pipes have also proven their worth in providing structural support in construction and certain vehicles. These tubes are usually customer made according to desired size and diameter, and usually fits for purpose.

enerquip 1

There are basically 3 main purposes for stainless steel line pipes, providing the possibility for a wide range of sizes, shapes and quality. These pipes can be formed and mold into any desired shape as triangle, polygonal or square, apart from its standard cylindrical shape. Sometimes, stainless steel line pipes undergo some additional processes to meet certain specifications and requirements and can be composed of special alloys to handle various temperatures and pressures.

These pipes are basically manufactured from two-types: one of them is to produce through welding. A rolled sheet of stainless steel in conveyed through welding rollers with certain types of grooves around the circumference. By the means of electricity, a thin line seam is welded. The other method to manufacture these types of pipes is by placing a small piece of metal called mandrel within the desired pipe to define its desired shape. As the pipe passes through a die of smaller diameter, the pipes shrink to match the desired mandrel shape.

Such stainless steel line pipes are best relied for its versatility and undeniably low maintenance costs. Stainless steel line pipes have an extensive used across industries as civil engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, waste water treatment industry, in which such pipes are basically used for precision tubes, heat exchanger tubes and other special purpose alloy pipes.


The professional and commercial production of stainless steel line pipes is highly increasing because of its wide-range of technical range in nature. When choosing to buy any stainless steel line pipes, one must look into its wall thickness, English or metric. This particular type of latter is important in the classification of wall thickness within the standards and requirements of certain manufacturing and building standards. Various oil industries also used such types of stainless steel line pipes. These steel pipes are used in various industries to transmit LPG or natural gas and other form of non-toxic commercial gases.

Today, there are a large number of online shops and companies that are dealing is such stainless steel line pipes for various industrial and commercial purposes. One of such top-class company is Ener Quip, which also deals in world-class stainless steel line pipes and their accessories.

Properties of Carbon Steel

Nowadays, all types steel manufactured worldwide contains the quantity of carbon steel, but, carbon steel fittings contain the carbon steel in more quantities. Best quality of carbon steel fittings also includes iron and manganese. Carbon steel is considered as one of the most widely used steel used in a number of industries across the globe. This type of steel can also be termed as wrought steel which can be mold to any size and shape. Because, of its exceptional malleable properties, this metal is considered as an ideal and can be made into a wide-range of desired shapes. For getting the desired shape and size, this carbon steel is poured into blocks in a thick liquid form and then rolled on the blocks to get the desired shape and size.



carbon steel fittings can be categorized into four different types base on their physical properties as mild or low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high-content or high carbon steel and ultra-high carbon steel content. Here, we would discuss each type of carbon steel briefly:

Low or Mild Carbon Steel:

The low carbon steel is very easy to manufacture among the other carbon steel contents. This type of carbon steel has a low quality of carbon. It is the cheaper carbon steel among other alloys and is widely used for various construction purposes. As, it has low carbon content, so, it possesses overall low strength and durability.

Medium Content Carbon Steel:

This particular type of carbon steel fittings has the medium quantity of carbon content and because of medium carbon content, it is widely used widely used in the manufacture of certain automotive parts and used in the manufacturing of large metallic structures. Because, this particular type of metal has medium carbon content, so it has more strength and durability to than low or mild steel carbon. In addition to this, medium carbon steel is also resistant to wear and tear.


High-Content or High Carbon Steel:

As, the name suggests, this particular type of carbon steel has the high quantity of carbon among other alloys. High-content carbon steel is widely used for manufacturing of high strength wires and springs. Because, it contains the highest quantity of carbon steel, it is the strongest strength and durability among other alloys of carbon steel.

Ultra-High Carbon Steel Content:

As, the name indicates, this type of carbon steel has the highest quantity of carbon steel among other alloys. This particular type of carbon steel is widely used in the manufacture of sharp cutting tools as knives. As, it contains the highest quantity of carbon steel, so it has the highest strength among other alloys and it is also very brittle among other alloys.

All these types of carbon steel are used for various industrial machines and tools. Because it possesses properties of high tensile and strength, it is also commonly used in multipurpose nails, drilling bits and various types of metal and wood cutting tools.

Apart from its main constituent, the carbon, carbon steel also contains other proportion of elements as tungsten, chromium and manganese that used as hardening agents. The overall properties of the carbon steel are mainly depending on the proportion of these elements.


Stainless steel contains the highest content of this alloy and exhibits exceptional rustproof properties and strength. Although, apart of having these very features, this particular type of steel has some limitations too as well. This type of steel is known to be very brittle so, it is seldom used in construction applications as houses, building or high-strength bridges. Those types of steel can be used for various purposes that has a low quantity of carbon content, as it is less strong and brittle.

This type of steel is widely used in multipurpose steel pipes as it exhibits exceptional properties to remain intact. Apart from having the strength, this type of metal has also properties as anti-corrosive, durable and resistant to wear and tear. As it is a perfect anti-corrosive, so it is widely used for various under water applications.

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are offering top-class carbon steel fittings, that can be used for a number of industrial purposes and applications. Ener Quip is one of such quality company that also has the wide-range of carbon-steel variety at affordable rates under one roof.

A Brief Look into Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon steel is a metal that is based on iron. It is not only composed of iron only, but other types of elements and manganese. Carbon steel flanges are used in various pipe applications as pipe fittings and other pressure containing parts.

corben 1

This type of metal is basically having four main grades. These grading have been done on the several factors as hardness, impact strength and wear resistance. Those types of Carbon steel flanges are preferred that are composed of a low amount of this substance because they are less brittle and offers more duct-ability. Medium grade carbon steel is composed of higher percentage of both manganese and carbon and this type of carbon steel is mainly used for forged products that tends to high wear and tear. In the last, the high and highest grade carbon steel contains the maximum highest quantity of both carbon and manganese and this high grade carbon steel offers maximum hardness and resilient. But, these types of carbon steel are also very brittle too, so, they require a special type of processing during heating.

Carbon steel flanges are used in a variety of high wear and high stress applications. This is because, this type of material has a high level of strength and impact resistance. The most common usage of this carbon steel flanges including, gear blanks, oil rig parts, bushings, various mining components, wide-range of machinery components, railroad parts and for several shafting. This type of carbon steel is also commonly used in certain automotive components such as transmission covers, pans, bodies and several types of fenders.

Carbon steel flanges can also be used in other applications in addition to that have been mentioned earlier, that’s why they are quite popular in various manufacturing industries today, as gas industry, oil industry, etc. They are also used in the manufacturing industries as machine tools and die.

corben 3

Carbon steel flanges has been widely used in connections between various applications of the pipeline connectivity. One of the main advantage of these types of flanges is that they offer more convenience for disassembly, assembly and interchangeability. The basic purpose of these carbon steel flanges is connecting of pipes, while it can also be used for closing the pipe too.

There are a lot of available manufacturing standard types of flanges as ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47, etc. The vacuum flange is also popular in many manufacturing industries. This type of vacuum flange is basically placed at the end of a tube to connect various types of tubing, vacuum chambers and vacuum pumps.

The steel presents in the alloy is considered to be completely made up of carbon when other elements don’t exceed their percentage. However, the maximum percentage that should be present in the alloy to form quality carbon is around 0.6% silicon and copper, 1.65% of manganese and 0.4% of copper respectively. However, the steel also contains other elements as vanadium or nickel and chromium, is commonly known as alloy steel.

In order to get high strength and to solidify the overall structure, manufacturers add carbon to iron. Carbon steel is the most affordable alloying material that can be easily available in the market.

 corben 2

Fittings of carbon steel flanges are like butt welding. These fitting must be made up of steel or alloy steel. These types of carbon steel flanges are available in various sizes from 1/8” to 72” DIA. There are other fittings as threaded elbows, both at 90⁰ and 45⁰. The total diameter of such flanges mainly depends on the type of application it is supposed used for. These types of particular fittings are easily available in a variety of carbon steel alloys. There are many companies that are offering quality carbon steel flanges, one of the most professional company engaging in providing such quality product and services is Ener Quip.

If you are related to any manufacturing industry, which used such types of flanges, then you shouldn’t try to buy or manufacture carbon steel alloy on your own. Because, this is a very technical process and a minute proportion of elements can impact the overall characteristics of such carbon steel flanges. Carbon steel is made up of other elements, and only the professional companies know the exact percentage of alloys used in carbon steel. There are other treatments on the alloy steel as well if you don’t have any idea about this whole technical process, then you should consult with a professional company that deals in carbon steel flanges as Ener Quip to meet all your manufacturing needs in least possible time.

Properties of Carbon Steel

What makes carbon steel fittings as one of the most widely used metals and what makes it perfect for the manufacturing of products for commercial scale? This type of particular material considered as ideal for wide range of applications, primarily because it can customize to fit individual needs. One can easily modify its mechanical and physical characteristics to meet the needs and requirements of the end-user by just adjusting its carbon content.

Carbon steel is used in a number of applications that is why they are quite-popular. The oil and gas industry used them a lot, as does the automotive industry.


Carbon steel fittings can be categorized according to the content of carbon. It can be classified as either ultra-high, high, medium, low and mild carbon steel.

  • Ultra-High Carbon Steel Fittings:

This type of carbon steel fittings has a high ratio of carbon about 1 – 2%, this particular type of carbon steel fittings can be tempered to achieve maximum superior hardness. This type of high-percentage is widely used in the manufacturing of knives.

  • High-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:

This particular type of carbon steel fittings has a high percentage of carbon up to 0.6 – 0.99%. This type of carbon steel fittings exhibits excellent strength and widely-considered as an ideal in the manufacturing of high-strength wires, springs, drill bits, masonry nails, various and metal cutting tools and various types of press machinery. However, this type of carbon steel has some disadvantage too, as it is very brittle as compared to other varieties and may even lead to damage or break when mishandled.



  • Medium-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:


Medium-percentage carbon steel fittings contain a medium percentage of carbon up to 0.3 – 0.59% and this particular type of carbon steel is quite durable, strong and ductile. If needed, the surface hardness of this type of carbon steel fittings, can be enhanced through a heating process called carburizing. In this type of heat treatment, the carbon content on the surface of the metal can be increased to further hardens the steel. Medium-grade is made up of higher-levels of both manganese and carbon and is often used for products that rends to high wear and tear. This type of carbon steel is mostly used in fabrication for industrial and commercial scale.


  • Low-Percentage Carbon Steel Fittings:


Low-percentage of carbon steel fittings contains a low percentage of carbon content up to 0.05 – 0.15%. This particular type of carbon steel is more affordable than all carbon steel series. Like other types in this category, low-percentage carbon steel contains sulfur, manganese and phosphorus. This type of carbon steel also contains small quantities of ferrite (an iron alloy) and perlite (a naturally occurring non-crystalline solid volcanic glass). It’s ductile and soft and ductile nature contributes to its excellent weld-ability and formability factor. Several types of carbon steel fittings are composed of a low amount of carbon are the best choice for this because they are less brittle and offers more duct-ability. This type of low-percentage commonly used in the manufacture of several types of home appliances, car body parts and a number of tin plates.

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Heat treatment is basically the method of warming up steel to a desired set temperature and then allowing it to cool down. Heat treatment of carbon steel can be usually deemed to be adding heat to change the attributes of the steel. The temperature required for the treatment of such carbon steel usually differs from extremely cold to extremely hot, that solely depends on the desired outcome.


The principle-allowing component of and percentage of carbon-steel is carbon, which may affect the overall steel hardness and its functional properties afterwards. Standard type of stainless steel usually differs from carbon steel because of an addition of chromium in its structure, thus making it to be reasonably surface corrosion resistance, that is often caused by the exposure to moisture or air.


In recent days, there are a lot of online companies and shops that offer high-quality carbon-steel fittings. Ener Quip also deals in top-quality carbon steel fittings. If you want to purchase carbon steel for your various residential and commercial purposes, then you should first consult with a professional company like Ener Quip, before finalizing or purchasing carbon steel fittings. Because, not every grade of carbon is suitable for all purposes. There are about four-different grades of carbon steel.