Carbon steel flanges a style to your work

One of the commonly used materials in the business is the stainless steel. As well flange construction stainless steel is mandatory applications and tools that are used day to day. The use of stainless steel can be generally seen in food service apparatus, medical tools, sanitizing tools, etc.


Flanges that are constructed through stainless steel provide better resistance to pitting and cracks. Just like other equipments of mechanical nature stainless steel flanges can also be obtainable in many types to match with the sundry industrial requirements. Stainless steel flanges can be available in different grades and sizes. The grades provided to these flanges represent the different standards that must comply with the steel. All these attributes provide a famous effect to the steel concert and quality. enerquip is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of steel flanges and other industrial gears for pipe fittings. Carbon steel Flanges that are manufactured by us comply with all the Pipe schedules and standards set up by diverse organizations. The list of products that are manufactured by enerquip includes nickel based alloys, carbon steel, alloy steel, and many other vital materials. Since 2010 enerquip USA has reputable its mark in the manufacture of flanges and pipe fittings and their export.enerquip stainless pieps.jpg 1
Slip-on pipe flanges essentially slide over the pipe.  They are normally machined with an inside diameter vaguely larger than the outside diameter of the pipe.  This allows the flange to slide over the pipe but to still have a rather snug fit.  Slip-ons are held to the pipe with a fillet join at the top and the bottom of the flange. These are extra categorized as a ring or a hub.  Rings and hubs are both considered slip on flanges because they both fit over the pipe.

Carbon steel flanges are very high quality flanges that are adding up some class to your piping system. Stainless steel is an extremely trendy substance for all way of manufacturing tools because of its qualities. Stainless steels chromium content gives a layer of chromium oxide making it corrosion resistant.

Stainless steel pipes are contemporary in uses:

A stainless steel pipe differentiates from carbon steel because of the quantity of chromium present in it. Vulnerable carbon steel corrodes happily when uncovered to atmosphere and damp.

There are many uses of stainless steel pipes:

Brilliant rust confrontation:

Stainless steel is drastically extra defiant to corrosion by irrigate and biocides than carbon steel and shed or malleable iron which results in maximum life time for pipelines.enerquip stainless pieps.jpg 1

Rust shield:

Stainless steel have an inner and outer glaze is not necessary, nor is cathode shield. This lessens system price and makes stainless steels more similar in temperament with surroundings.

Health friendly substance:

Appropriate to their extremely soaring reflexive layer strength, Stainless Steel is on the whole static in waters. Discharging of alloying fundamentals (Chromium and Nickel) is inside protected restrictions. As a result, they offer a healthier worth of drinking water.enerquip stainless pieps

Resistance Coefficient:

Minor resistance balanced to fortify craggy carbon steel pipes or to rust carbon steel consequences in fewer loss of irrigation pressure all along the pipeline. This offers a chance to reduce the inner width of the pipe and accumulate capital price. This is also a cause for a minor union of drop as well as lesser bacteria immigration. They are also lenient to sky-scraping stream rates.

High-quality potency and ductility:

Stainless steel mainly the duplex resources, have superior automatic belongings when balanced to carbon steel and cast iron pipes. This permits a lessening in the wall width of the pipe (without any necessary rust permission) and consequences in investment price funds. The enhanced ductility may also be vital in conditions of safety for example in the case of any earthquake.

Attrition rust:

The duplex stainless steels are a large amount more opposed to attrition rust than carbon steel, mainly if sand elements are near.

Excellent stability:

Appropriate Stainless steel are defiant to split deterioration, cavitations and dress in unpolluted and dirty waters as well as in ambiance (even impure), they are price helpful for extensive period use and do not reason ecological contamination.

Carbon Steel: The Uses and Advantages.

What is Carbon Steel?: Carbon Steel is metal alloy which is made up of iron and carbon mixed together. The amount of the carbon added to the steel varies, depending for which purpose the carbon steel is required. For instance, low carbon steel, is utilized for making fences, which is also known as wrought iron.

Uses of Steel: Carbon Steel can be used in various fields for various purposes. While low carbon steel is used for making fences, the mild carbon steel with “medium” amount of carbon used in it, is best suited and used for constructing bridges and buildings. The high carbon steel is mainly used for wires. Lastly, the ultra high carbon steel which is also known as “cast iron” is used in the making of pots and pans


  1. Wrought Iron: This type of carbon steel has the lowest amount of carbon used in it, which makes it harder. Wrought iron or low carbon steel is used in the making of fences, gates and things like railings. The low amount of carbon gives it a feature of versatility.
  2. Medium/ Mild Carbon Steel: This is the most used kind of carbon steel. As it is used for structural purposes in bridges and buildings. Carbon steel flanges, parts of automobiles, refrigerators etc are also made up of mild carbon steel
  3. High Carbon Steel: This type of carbon is very hard however brittle as well. High carbon steel is used to make strong and sturdy wires.Stainless steel flanges
  4. Cast iron: In industries, this type of carbon steel is used for casting, because of the low melting point. It is also used in the making of pots. This type of carbon steel is also known as ultra high carbon steel.

Affect of carbon in Carbon Steel: The carbon used in the carbon steel, makes the material harder. The more the carbon in the metal, the more hard the material will be however it will become fragile and brittle.

Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

In the past few years, stainless steel has become a common choice of kitchen appliances and is also used in stainless steel pipe lines and stainless steel fittings. This is because of the durability and corrosion resistant characteristic of the stainless steel. Moreover, this material is also an environmental friendly material. When you go for buying stainless steel cookware, you get confused seeing the high prices of the cookware, and wondering whether it’s worth it or not. Before you make a decision regarding the stainless steel cookware, you need to know certain things regarding the material, so that deciding whether it’s a good choice or not becomes easier.

Stainless Steel Fittings supplied by Enerquip Ltd, we supply all kinds of stainless steel tubes, pipes, ball valves, pipe fittings and flanges

Stainless steel is an alloy. In stainless steel cookware the main elements used are iron, chromium, nickel as well as other metals. Because the stainless steel contains chromium, the cookware made out of it won’t rust. Also it’s a durable material because of the strength. The usage of nickel in the alloy ensures that the cookware has a polished look as well as no rusting takes place. A good stainless steel cookware will have aluminum or copper used in the base of the utensil. The base contains these materials, so that the thermal conductivity increases. Different utensils and cookware have different amounts of elements in it depending on the need of the cookware.

I would recommend that you buy cookware made out of stainless steel, because it is a highly durable and long lasting material, because of this characteristic of the material, you won’t have to ever replace it. Also, it has a very smooth surface which reduces the risk of dents etc. The best thing about using cookware made out of stainless steel is that it’s not hard to clean at all, and also looks really good, because of the shine and polish.

Stainless Steel Fittings supplied by Enerquip Ltd, we supply all kinds of stainless steel tubes, pipes, ball valves, pipe fittings and flanges

However everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, stainless steel also has certain limitations to it. It is a very poor heat conductor, and is also a very expensive one. Using stainless steel can be a really good experience hence it’s highly recommended that you make an addition of stainless steel in your cookware.

Clearing Tips For stainless Steel

What is Stainless Steel?: Stainless steel is basically a metal alloy, in which chromium, nickel, silicon and aluminum, carbon and iron are used. Stainless steel is a very strong metal, with corrosion resistant features. There are many applications of the stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for pipe lines and stainless steel flanges as well as bathrooms and kitchens. Because of its corrosion resistant feature it is commonly seen in kitchens. This is because it’s easy to clean and has a smooth surface.

enerquip 3

For the routine cleaning of the stainless steel in your kitchen, the use of water and cloth is suggested. It is the simplest method of cleaning the stainless steel. All you need to do is use water, and then dry this water with a cloth or towel. Drying is important otherwise you will see water spots on the stainless steel surface.  Make sure that you use a soft cloth to protect the steel from scratches.

However if you need to clean a product made out of stainless steel, which cannot be cleaned using simple water, the use of detergent is recommended.  The dish washing liquid is preferable, as it is mild in action and isn’t very strong. Put the dish liquid on a clean soft cloth and wipe the dirty area on the stainless steel. It’s important that after applying dish washing liquid you wipe and rinse the surface carefully and thoroughly. Otherwise spots and stains will emerge on the surface which will then be difficult to clean.

enerquip 7

If there are fingerprints on the surface of the stainless steel product, then the use of glass cleaner is recommended. Spray the glass cleaner on a cloth and wipe the dirty area with fingerprints in a circular motion to avoid scratches.

But if you have something with stains and scratches and which can’t be cleaned using the above mentioned methods, then the use of stainless steel cleaner is advised. There are many cleaners and polishes that are available in the market, which can help you get rid of the stains and scratches…

Uses of Stainless Steel Fittings.

When we talk about “fittings” the world of pipes and plumbing systems instantly pops up in our heads. This is because most of the stainless steel fittings are used in the piping and plumbing systems. A fitting is basically a product that is utilized to connect straight tubes and pipes so that they can adjust to different shapes and sizes.

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Usually pipes are used for the transfer of water, gas, liquid waste, sanitary material. These pipes are also used for the transfer of high pressure as well hazardous materials from the industrious section. Hence it’s important that the materials used in the pipes are of great quality. That is why we recommend using stainless steel fittings. The reason is obvious. The material stainless steel is a very beneficial material, with unique and outstanding characteristics. So when this material comes in contact with water for a longer period of time it doesn’t rust or tarnish, this is because of stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant.

So if you are thinking of buying fittings for your plumbing systems, make sure that you consider stainless steel as an option because it is durable and long lasting. For installing a pipe fitting you will definitely need help from a professional because only a professional can do this highly technical job.enerquip 10

Finding the right suppliers if you want to buy stainless steel fittings, can be a very tricky and difficult job. Because there are many suppliers in the market, and you don’t really know if the supplier will provide you with the right authentic thing or not. Enerquip is one of the best suppliers in the market, because we have been in the business since 17 years now, and we have great expertise in the field. Hence if you want a reliable and trustworthy supplier, who will supply you with stainless steel fittings at reasonable and right rate, then Enerquip is just the right place for you to come to.

Why should one choose stainless steel?

Many people wonder why people use expensive material made out of stainless steel, when there are other alternatives available. Well, to tell you the truth, there isn’t anything better in the market then the stainless steel. The different and exceptional characteristics of stainless steel, make it the most obvious choice especially in places where corrosion of the material is expected.

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Yes stainless steels best feature that makes it stand out is its highly corrosion resistant characteristic. Stainless steel fittings are the most commonly used material, when it comes to the stainless steel. This is because these fittings have to be used for pipes that are used to transfer highly corrosive material, such as sanitary waste, oil and gas etc. Hence if the stainless steel fittings are used in the pipes they would last longer because they can resist corrosion quite efficiently.

However one drawback that might worry you about the stainless steel is its cost. Yes the stainless steel is very expensive as compared to the other materials available in the market. However once you use it you will realize that it’s not that expensive. We say this because there is very low or almost no maintenance cost of the stainless steel, and it will also last longer. While if you use any other material you might have to replace it in a short period of time, hence you will end up spending even more money than you would have if you had decided to buy stainless steel

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Finding the right supplier for the stainless steel fittings is although a difficult task, however if you carry out the necessary research you will find just the right one for your stainless steel. Enerquip is a well known and reputed company in the industry which supplies authentic products, and will always remain hundred percent honest with its customers. We aim to make things easier for our clients and in order to do so we will put in our hundred percent.