Advantages of stainless steel flanges.

What is a flange?

Not many of us know what a flange is. Well it’s basically pipe fittings that are shaped like a plate, and flanges usually work in pair. Bolts are used to connect these pair of flanges. The thicker a flange is the longer the bolt is.

Stainless steel flanges

What are the advantages of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a very versatile and flexible material. It can be used for many things. At first it was used for cutlery only but eventually it found its place in the chemical industry because of its corrossion resistant attributes. The biggest use of stainless steel is in the chemical industry as well as oil and gas industry. Other than that stainless steel is also used for architectural and constructional purposes. It is used for cladding as well as roofing. Stainless steel is although expensive but if you look at it on long term bases then you will see that stainless steel is reasonably priced because it has a low maintenance cost.

Well when it comes to stainless steel, we all know about its strength and sturdiness. Hence stainless steel flanges are considered as the first choice of any person who wants a strong and durable structure. In order to carry corrosive and sanitary material, stainless steel pipe system is the first choice of any intellectual person. Stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, hence where there are corrosive environment and high pressure and high temperature is involved, stainless steel flanges are extremely advantageous.


Stainless steel pipes are also utilized for architectural purposes. Stainless steel flanges are best when it comes to enduring extreme conditions. Enerquip is a global trade supplier with an experience of 17 years, which supplies stainless steel flanges. Enerquip is well known supplier since a very long time now, and trusting them will be just the right thing to do. The company has close relationship with top steel mills and hence they make it possible to deliver the orders of the customers on time as well as on urgent bases.

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