How to buy filter elements from suppliers!

The filter elements are some fundamental parts of the process of filtration. There are different kinds of filter elements for different types of separation processes. There are many types of filter elements that are available in the market for different types of processes and applications.

Whatever type of filter element you might need, it’s very important that you find and select the right supplier. In order to find an honest and authentic supplier you will have to carry out a certain amount of research so that you get the right things on the right time. Here are some tips that will help you find the right supplier for your filter elements and other products as well.

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  1. Always look into the history of the supplier. If the company has a webpage try looking into the about us page of the company. This page will tell you about the company and for how much time they have been in the business. The more the experience of a supplier in the field the better it will be at providing great services.
  2. Once you have decided on the product you are interested in, make sure that you cross check the prices of the product from other suppliers as well, because its highly possible that the supplier may be charging you more for a product that has a lower market price.
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  4. There are so many suppliers nowadays, that one can get perplexed which one to chose. But internet is obviously our best friend. Try searching the internet. Read the reviews of other people who have actually experienced the services of the company. If the reviews are good, and the majority of people have something good to say about the supplier, then there is no reason for you to not choose the supplier.

Suppliers like Enerquip are preferred because of their honesty and authenticity. Its highly recommended that you carry out some serious market research before deciding on your supplier for filter elements.

Stainless Steel Fittings and their suppliers

We all know that trusting someone with anything is a very difficult task. Especially when it comes to buying things like stainless steel fittings, deciding on the right supplier can take a lot of thinking as not everyone in the market nowadays is honest with what he sells you. Hence it becomes quite important to be careful when buying from a supplier. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before you decide on the right supplier for the stainless steel fittings.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel fittings are very beneficial because of their known strength and sturdiness. These fittings have to be used for a long period of time hence it’s important that the supplier has been honest with you. Following are some precautions that you must take before deciding on your supplier.


  1. You need to ensure that the company or the supplier from which you have decided on has a well reputed name in the market. Being a well reputed company means that the company obviously have been in the industry since a long time and has great experience in the selling of stainless steel fittings. With experience comes the expertise and the possibility of a known company fooling you around is very low.
  2. Make sure that your supplier is honest with you. Cross check the process of some material that is being supplied by your supplier.

There are many engineers that will always recommend you stainless steel fittings, and that is mainly because of its resistant to corrosion. This is a characteristic that not many materials posses. Hence if you are looking for something that is cheap and is durable as well, always go for stainless steel.


Enerquip is one of the suppliers of stainless steel fittings and it has a very good reputation in the market. With great experience in the supplying field, Enerquip is a trustworthy as well as honest supplier. When it comes to stainless steel fittings Enerquip is the best place to come for you.

Things to look for when purchasing mud pump parts

Mud pumps play an important role in the drilling process. If you are considering performing a drilling procedure, mud pumps automatically become a significant part of the process. Because of its significance and such importance, it’s very important that you buy the mud pump parts from someone who has been in the business and is expert in such things

When it comes to buying the mud pump parts, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration. Following is a list that one must surely follow before making a purchase of mud pump parts.enerquip1.jpg 1

  1. You need to ensure that the company which you have chosen is an established company in the market. Also you need to make sure that the company is honest with you. Enerquip is one of such suppliers of mud pump parts, which is not only honest to its customers but is also very reasonable.Mud Pump parts
  2. When it comes to the price of the mud pump parts, its highly recommended that you cross check the cost of these parts with other suppliers as well. With such a big market there is a lot of chance that you might be fooled. Enerquip makes sure that its customers have a good experience. Hence in order to ensure your comfort we satisfy you in all ways possible. We buy our mud pump parts from top manufacturers of the world that include, Bomco, National, Emsco etc.
  3. Make sure that you are getting all sorts of guarantee for the pars you are buying from the supplier. In order to avoid fraud, always go with the company which has a well reputed name in the market, and shows concern regarding its clients.
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Enerquip has an experience of 17 years in the field. We are a global trade company and we ensure hundred percent satisfactions of our customers. It’s our aim to provide you with the best possible products out there in the market. We are hundred percent sure that once you come to Enerquip you wont regret your decision.

Advantages of stainless steel flanges.

What is a flange?

Not many of us know what a flange is. Well it’s basically pipe fittings that are shaped like a plate, and flanges usually work in pair. Bolts are used to connect these pair of flanges. The thicker a flange is the longer the bolt is.

Stainless steel flanges

What are the advantages of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a very versatile and flexible material. It can be used for many things. At first it was used for cutlery only but eventually it found its place in the chemical industry because of its corrossion resistant attributes. The biggest use of stainless steel is in the chemical industry as well as oil and gas industry. Other than that stainless steel is also used for architectural and constructional purposes. It is used for cladding as well as roofing. Stainless steel is although expensive but if you look at it on long term bases then you will see that stainless steel is reasonably priced because it has a low maintenance cost.

Well when it comes to stainless steel, we all know about its strength and sturdiness. Hence stainless steel flanges are considered as the first choice of any person who wants a strong and durable structure. In order to carry corrosive and sanitary material, stainless steel pipe system is the first choice of any intellectual person. Stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, hence where there are corrosive environment and high pressure and high temperature is involved, stainless steel flanges are extremely advantageous.


Stainless steel pipes are also utilized for architectural purposes. Stainless steel flanges are best when it comes to enduring extreme conditions. Enerquip is a global trade supplier with an experience of 17 years, which supplies stainless steel flanges. Enerquip is well known supplier since a very long time now, and trusting them will be just the right thing to do. The company has close relationship with top steel mills and hence they make it possible to deliver the orders of the customers on time as well as on urgent bases.

How does a Decanter Centrifuge Work?

Decanter Centrifuges are more commonly used in industries for the separation of solids from liquids. This separation is usually done from liquids where the ratio of the solids is more. The biggest use of decanter centrifuge USA   is for dewatering the sewage sludge. The decanter centrifuge then separates the solid from the liquid making the liquid as clear as possible.

Hence if you are looking for a solution for clarifying of liquids or solid dewatering, then decanter centrifuge is just the right thing for you. However before you decide on a supplier for you decanter centrifuge make sure that you have chosen the right supplier. Because when buying such material the authenticity of a supplier is necessary.

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Enerquip has been in the business since 17 years, and is a leading company in the market. We are a global trade company which deals in the sales of equipment and part to the oil and gas, power, cement, engineering, and general manufacturing industries.

The centrifuge consists of a rotating assembly, which consists of two parts: the outer bowl and the screw conveyor. There is a secondary motor attached to the screw conveyor which is known as the scroll.

decanter centrifuge

The sludge which is the mixture of the liquid and solids is then pumped into the feed chamber of the decanter centrifuge using an outside pump. The solids are then moved outside of the bowl as a result of the centrifugal forces. The decanter centrifuge has a very complicated and complex structure, and it may be very expensive however it has a very low maintenance cost, as well as it is very easy to install.

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Decanter Centrifuges are highly useful for industrial application especially when it comes to dewatering sewage sludge. Enerquip is a well-recognized as well as well established company. We ensure that our customers are always hundred percent satisfied and have no complaints against us, because we believe in a healthy relationship with our customers.