The Perks of Using Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one of the best materials when it comes to material selection during any project, however many engineers don’t really go with it because of the cost. Although for long term projects the cost is not really high and hence is the best option. There are so many benefits of the stainless steel, especially when it comes to stainless steel line pipes.

stainless steel line pipes usa
stainless steel line pipes usa
  1. The stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion hence making it the best option when it comes to line pipes. Because of its resistance it is a durable material. Enerquip is a known manufacturer of top quality stainless steel line pipes in the USA.
  2. Even at very high or very low temperatures, the stainless steel line pipes remain strong and show great strength and that is only because of the stainless steel used in the pipes.
  3. It is very easy to weld, mold, cut or fabricate the stainless steel. This is one of the main reasons due to which stainless steel line pipes are highly recommended.
  4. Although stainless steel and the things made out of it are considerably expensive, however when you look at the long term cost effectiveness of the material, stainless steel is the best and the cheapest material that can be used.
  5. Stainless steel, especially when it comes to line pipes is a low maintenance material.
  6. If you are using the pipes for kitchens, bathroom, hospitals etc., then stainless steel is the right option as they are very easy to clean, and hence the hygiene of the place is protected.
  7. stainless steel line pipes EnerQuip
    stainless steel line pipes EnerQuip

Stainless Steel Line Pipes are usually used for a variety of purposes for example, water and gas distribution. For such purposes stainless steel is the best choice as they are corrosion resistant and can endure temperature changes as well.

stainless steel line pipes
stainless steel line pipes

Enerquip is a well reputed manufacturer of the stainless steel line pipes, as we produce steel tubes that can be welded as well as threaded. We make sure that the steel tubes that we manufacture are according to the standards of USA.

Characteristics of Carbon Steel Fittings

When it comes to deciding what type of material should be used during an industrial project, a lot of confusion builds up in one’s mind. The scale and the size of the project may it be industrial or commercial is a major factor when it comes to deciding the kind of material that should be used in the project.

carbon steel fittings
carbon steel fittings

Carbon steel fittings are one of those things that are used quite commonly and that is because of the strength. Steel is used in many constructional projects due to its durability and strength. And when carbon is added to steel, it becomes even stronger and more powerful. Hence this characteristic of carbon steel fittings has made it one of the most used as well as the sturdiest material in industrial projects. Enerquip is one of the best suppliers of carbon steel fittings. We make sure that fittings of all types, specifications as well configurations are available at all times.

carbon steel fittings  USA
carbon steel fittings USA

Carbon steel fittings are extremely durable as well.  When you add just the right amount of carbon to the steel, it becomes highly durable as well as hard wearing. There are many types of carbon steel fittings available. Depending on the scale and size of your project your carbon steel fitting supplier can help you decide what type of fittings you actually need. Enerquip is one of the best suppliers, and we make sure that our customers get exactly what they had desired without any difficulty. Hence we take it as our duty to make sure that all types of carbon fittings are available so that you don’t have to go through any kind of trouble.

carbon steel fittings  EnerQuip
carbon steel fittings EnerQuip

Other than the durability, the carbon steel fittings can also bear the environmental changes, hence making them one of the best materials to be used in any kind of constructional project. Enerquip has good association with some of the top steel mills, and we try our best to stay connected with them in order to provide our customers with the best and top quality products available in the market.

What to consider when buying mud pump parts?

When it comes to drilling mud pumps become quite necessary. Mud pump is very critical and complicated equipment which is very important when you talk about any drilling operation. Hence it’s very important that mud pump parts are bought from a reliable and trustworthy company.

mud pump parts EnerQuip
mud pump parts EnerQuip

There are a lot of things one should consider when he has to buy mud pump parts. Firstly and fore mostly you should make sure that the company from which you are purchasing the parts has a good name in the market and is honest as well. Enerquip is one of the leading brands in the field and if you are interested in buying mud pump parts then it’s highly recommended that you contact us as we have the top quality mud pump parts available.

Secondly, it’s very important that you cross check the cost of the parts with other companies as well, so that you don’t fall into the hands of a fraud. Enerquip is an honest company which partners with the top mud pump parts manufacturers of the world to supply you with the well-reputed banded mud pump parts for example, Emsco, National, Ideco, Gardener Denver, Bomco and so on.

mud pump parts USA
mud pump parts USA

Last but not the least when buying mud pump parts the company provides you with guarantee for the parts. There are many companies out there who fool their customers into buying cheap and faulty mud pump parts. Enerquip is one of the best companies that you will find in the industry. If you are in need of a mud pump part may it be on urgent bases or not, Enerquip will be just the right place for you to come to.

mud pump parts
mud pump parts

Make sure that you buy the parts from a reputable company that has the experience as well as the expertise in trade. An experienced company will be able to provide you with the best and top quality branded mud pump parts. Enerquip has an experience of 17 years, and we make sure that our customers are never disappointed in us.

What is a Shale Shaker?

Usually most of the people don’t really have any idea about shale shakers screens. Well it’s basically a tool or an equipment to vibrate and shake the drilling mud. The right definition for a shale shaker is that it is a tool that has a vibrating motor attached to it, in order to separate the particles of the fluid used for drilling.

Shale Shaker Screens
Shale Shaker Screens

Why is the shaker installed in the system?

The shaker is basically the vibration device. It is capable of separating particles that are bigger than 76 microns. When it comes to drilling operation, getting rid of the solids of the drilling fluid, is one of the major tasks. There are many benefits of the solid control, such as increased drilling penetration, reduction in mud costs, reduction is disposal cost, and increased bit life. All in all, the increase n the removal of solids will result in inexpensive drilling.

How does it work?

Well the shakers have been used by operators since a long time now when it comes to drilling rigs. These Shale Shaker Screens are one of the most important and significant part of the drilling procedure. As the shaker removes the solids, by passing the mud through the vibrating screen, which then lets the liquid part of the mud and solid pass through it, while larger pieces of solids are removed from the mud. Keep in mind the Shale Shaker are the main part of a solid control system.

Shale Shaker Screens
Shale Shaker Screens

With the passage of time, technology has advanced and more and more technical equipments have been introduced. The shale shaker Screen too has advanced. There are now different and more competent designs being introduced.

Hence if you are interested in buying an efficient and latest technology shale shaker screen, then Enerquip is the right place to come to. We are a reliable and well-reputed company in our industry. With an experience of 17 years in the trade, we have the necessary expertise to provide our customers with the best and top quality products available in the market.

Carbon steel line pipes best Quality services

Carbon steel is more generally utilized than some other metal, and has long been respected for its usability and minimal effort. As a specialist in scheduled and non-scheduled substantial divider pipe and tube, Federal Steel Supply stocks a complete size scope of carbon steel pipe and tube.

Carbon steel line pipes
Carbon steel line pipes

Enerquip offers a broad choice of channel fittings and flanges to completely complement our consistent and welded funnel advertising. Our funnel fittings and ribs are accessible in a full scope of channel sizes covering well known carbon, composite and stainless steel determinations. For one of a kind prerequisites, we will happily work to modify an item to your precise particular.

Enerquip is home of the substantial dividers and crackpots. We think you will find that Enerquip has the devices, information, and items to offer you some assistance with completing your task on time and under spending plan. If it’s not too much trouble get in touch with us for your next carbon steel funnel, auxiliary steel channel or API line channel venture. Much thanks to you ahead of time for giving us the chance to acquire your business!

Carbon steel line pipes  USA
Carbon steel line pipes USA

Enerquip not only offers an extensive carbon steel inventory, it’s also one of the most diverse—regularly stocking rare specifications, configurations and sizes. Combined with our logistical expertise, it’s a carbon steel inventory that’s perfectly positioned to deliver critical materials when you need them most. Close relationships with all of the top steel mills give us greater control over delivery schedules and custom orders.

Operating from the trade hub of the world and through our well established & developed relationships with  several major Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors around the globe, coupled with our expertise to handle all aspects of International trade such as, material sourcing, contract negotiation, purchasing, imports, forwarding, air & sea transportation, custom clearance, inland delivery and after sales services & operating from the trade hub of the world we are perfectly positioned to serve you better. We are determined to provide you with a level of service much needed and deserved in the Industry and are ready to help you in whatever way possible to meet your equipment needs.

Shale Shaker Screens

Shale shakers are segments of penetrating hardware utilized as a part of numerous commercial ventures, for example, coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling They are the first period of a solids control framework on a boring apparatus, and are utilized to evacuate huge solids (cuttings) from the boring liquid


Penetrating liquids are fundamental to the boring procedure and, among different capacities, serve to grease up and cool the bore and also pass on the bored cuttings far from the drag gap. These liquids are a blend of different chemicals in water or oil based arrangement and can be extremely costly to make. For both ecological reasons and to decrease the expense of stripping so as to bore operations, boring liquid misfortunes are minimized them far from the bored cuttings before the cuttings are discarded. This is done utilizing a huge number of specific machines and tanks.

Shale Shaker Screens
Shale Shaker Screens

Shale shakers are the essential solids partition apparatus on an apparatus. In the wake of coming back to the surface of the well the utilized boring liquid streams specifically to the shale shakers where it starts to be handled. Once prepared by the shale shakers the penetrating liquid is stored into the mud tanks where other strong control gear start to expel the better solids from it. The solids evacuated by the shale shaker are released out of the release port into a different holding tank where they anticipate further treatment or transfer.


Shale shakers are considered by the majority of the boring business to be the most essential gadget in the strong control framework as the execution of the progressive hardware specifically identifies with the cleanliness of the treated penetrating liquid.

Mud Pump parts
Mud Pump parts

Mud loggers for the most part go out and check the shakers for rock tests that have flowed from base. They isolate the stone from the boring liquid and take it into an on location lab where they dry out the examples and name them as per profundity. They then take a gander at the examples and analyze what sort of rock they have at a sure profundity. These aides’ figures out what profundity that sort of rock was experienced.

Decanter Centrifuges EnerQuip Provide Quantity Services in USA

Partitioned segments of diverse densities. This gets to be important in the greater part of mechanical employments where solids, fluids and gasses are converted into a solitary blend and the detachment of these diverse stages is fundamental. A decanter rotator isolates strong materials from fluids in slurry and along these lines assumes a critical part in wastewater treatment, concoction, oil and nourishment preparing commercial enterprises. Several variables influence the execution of a decanter rotator and some outline heuristics to be taken after which are subordinate upon given applications.

Decanter Centrifuges USA
Decanter Centrifuges USA

The working standard of a decanter axis depends on gravitational division. Actually, a part with a higher thickness would tumble to the base of a blend, while the less thick segment would be suspended above it. A decanter axis builds the rate of settling through the utilization of consistent revolution, delivering a gravitational power between 1000 to 4000 times that of ordinary gravitational power. This diminishes the settling time of the segments by a substantial extent, whereby blends already taking hours to settle can settled in a matter of seconds utilizing a decanter axis. This type of partition empowers more fast and controllable results.

Stainless steel flanges Enerquip
Stainless steel flanges

Scope of uses

The primary utilization of decanter axes is to discrete a lot of solids from fluids on a consistent premise. They are additionally used to wash and dry different solids in industry, for example, polystyrene globules, clear up fluids and concentrate solids. Table 1.0 showcases different cases of the use of decanter axes in different commercial enterprises.

Stainless Steel Line Pipes USA Provide Best Quality Services

EnerQuip Limited is a worldwide exchange organization situated in the UAE with workplaces around the globe, supplying oil field gear, Rig parts and general mechanical supplies to our clients around the world. We are prepared to bolster you, at whatever time and anyplace around the globe. You can rely on upon us as your “aggregate source” for gear and supplies

Carbon Steel Line Pipes

Having broad exchange and material sourcing knowledge we feel no faltering in proclaiming ourselves as an One Stop Shop for purchasers in the Energy and Oil and Gas Industry. We have associations with several makers situated in China, Europe and America and have the capacity to supply you the right hardware, at the right value and right on time.


With world-class melt shops and the most present day consistent welding lines in the business, EnerQuip produces stainless steel channels with the biggest size extent, including huge breadth substantial divider stainless steel funnel, of any maker in North America. Our items are utilized as a part of the most difficult situations, offering a mix of high quality, consumption resistance, and expense investment funds for clients in an extensive variety of commercial ventures.


Together with reliable item quality and master guidance on picking the right item, we are focused on expanding your upper hand. We offer an expansive scope of austenitic, warmth safe and duplex evaluations including our exclusive duplex evaluation Forta LDX 2101, which joins low nickel content with high mechanical quality.


​Typical applications for stainless steel funnel


  • Oil and gas


  • Synthetic and petrochemical preparing


  • LNG


  • Mash and paper


  • Fluid normal gas funneling


  • Seaward development


  • Sustenance and pharmaceutical preparing


  • Desalination and wastewater ventures


​​Com​​​m​on stainless steel funnel grades​​​​


  • 304/304L and 316/316L​, our most prevalent evaluations


  • 254 SMO®, for more material life in the most destructive situations


  • Duplex evaluations 2205 Code Plus Two®, LDX 2101®, and EnerQuip 2507, for consumption resistance, durability, weldability, and high quality


  • 253 MA®​, intended for use in lower